First Blog Post!!

Hi everyone, this is my first blog post. Please bare with me as things might be a bit higgledy piggledy until I get into the swing of things. I also have so much to share with you already from 2016!!!

Blogging is something I’ve been putting off for a number of years. I’ve recently come to the realisation that over time I have missed out on so many wonderful stories and amazing things I can share with you. Now I’m going to start showing you more what I do with my amazing job……. And you never know some of my previous stories and experiences might possibly creep into my posts too!

So recently I’ve been taken on as a make up artist for a feature film and television series. How cool is that?!? My first part in the process was filming the trailer, which was done over a weekend in North Yorkshire….in the snow! I had a blast, met some cool people and of course did some fun make up. I do have some photographs of the actors but I have to be careful with what I can publish so they are been kept a secret for now. I don’t want to be giving too much away but feel free to click on the links to find out more about these projects:


The trailer is filmed as part of the process to be used towards getting funding for both to be filmed. The outline of both projects- Storm Warrior (TV Series) and Dream Finder (Feature Film) are related and both have Facebook pages to support them. Dream Finder is based on the bestseller fantasy book Dream Finder by Roger Taylor. The genre is historical/fantasy/action.

Plot Outline:

Viking brothers bonded by blood defend their homeland, and go in search of adventure, but greed for power, and war with the Wends, and the red faced warriors of a new world, would rip that bond apart.

The cast is an incredible mix of familiar faces and new upcoming stars both UK based and international. I was sent images from the director and producer before the film shoot with a rough idea of what was required for different characters make up. I also worked alongside two other wonderful make up artists.

My favourite make up of the day was on Anne Scherliess playing Fionahild, The Seeress because I got to design some intricate ‘tattoo’ tribal markings onto her face.

Also a funny story from this film shoot (although it wasn’t at the time) en route to the shoot I managed to hit a blizzard up in The Dales and got my car stuck in the snow. It was beautiful white covered scenery but slightly scary in the dark at 6am! Luckily someone driving passed had a shovel and dug me out, very thankful for the kindness of this gentleman. I did have a car boot full of food and warm clothing…… which you should have anyway when driving in harsh conditions.

Look out for my next Storm Warrior and Dream Finder post when we do the cast photo shoot.

Hope you enjoyed my first post, Hayley x

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