January in Germany

Hello Again! I’m really enjoying this blog thing, I hope you are enjoyed my first post! In this post I’ll be sharing my experience from a recent trip to Germany.

I freelance for a company called Trauma FX. I have been with them for a little over a year now. I work for them as a SFX make up artist. The work is very different from that you see on television or in films. Trauma FX specialise in Casualty Simulation for medical training so injuries have to be super realistic and a lot more things have to be taken into account when recreating scenarios. This was not my first time away with the team, I have been lucky with Trauma FX, last year I worked in Louisiana (USA), Grafenwöhr/Nuremberg (Germany) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

In Germany we supported a hospital training experience with the American and German Military. The Trauma FX team consisted of 3 make up artists and 4 amputee actors, we also had over 20 soldiers provided by the military to play able bodied casualties. Throughout the exercise we were given many variations of injuries and accident scenarios to recreate with make up resulting in huge success.

It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone. Although it might sound like a glamorous job being a make up artist is far from it. On this job we were sleeping in camp beds on a basketball court and our food was military ration packs, although we did find a pizza take away nearby ;)

The day before we flew back to the UK we had a free day so just had to explore Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth largest city in Germany.

I have visited Germany before for both work and pleasure and it amazes me how all the cities are so different from one another. Frankfurt is no exception with a mixture of traditional and modern buildings. The balance of old and new comes from the fact that much of the city was destroyed in WW2. We found using the train system and navigating the city fairly easy. We did have to ask for help but found most people spoke English and could point us in the right direction. It’s much like most cities with plenty of places to eat, drink and shop although if we had longer I would have loved to of spent time in some of the museums. The beautiful Römerberg was definitely a highlight, the reconstructed timber houses line the cobbled town square, it is beautiful. We also took a short walk across the Eiserner Steg bridge which was full of locks, I think it’s some sort of romantic suggestion?!? But anyway I have never seen so many different variations of lock in my life!

Overall Germany both work and play was a great experience with some wonderful people. I love my job with Trauma FX and the work they do has so much value to medial training exercises. I always look forward to my next adventure with them.

Also while on the exercise I was interviewed for the American Military news. To see the footage and more of what we did here’s the video link:


If you’d like to see more about what Trauma FX do or would like more information on Casualty Simulation please visit:


Hope you enjoyed the post, Hayley x

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