Dream Finder!

Again this is another continuation from My First Blog Post about filming the trailer for Dream Finder (Feature Film) and Storm Warrior (TV Series). In this post I am going to be sharing my second Green Screen filming experience with you.

For more information and to follow the films productions please visit the Dream Finder Facebook page:


The first time I was ever part of a green screen shoot was back in 2011. I was the hair and make up artist for Connie and Grace Dieb on the reality TV show Big Rich Texas. I did this job whilst I was working as a make up artist at Stagedoor Manor in New York.

On this occasion, however, I was in Bolton and back with the Dream Finder cast and crew. Following on from the trailer film shoot at Dalby Forest (in the snow) the green screen studio made a lovely warm alternative!

Green Screen filming is used in the industry so you can digitally change the surrounding environment of the actors. This technique is often used in blockbuster and epic movie making as well as weather forecasts on the news. During the editing process the green screen background can be changed to show absolutely any setting from space to under the sea, jungle to golden beaches, you name it. The filming from this shoot will be added into the filming from Dalby Forest to make a completed trailer for the feature film.

Here are some of the behind the scenes shots for you ;)

I used continuity photographs and notes from filming the trailer to ensure the actors hair and make up looked the same. Communication with the other make up artists in advance was key The actors all had different call times depending on their scenes so I had a steady flow of hair and make up to do throughout the day. I was also on hand for hair and make up touch ups between scenes and shots. As the studio was very warm from the heat produced by the lights eliminating sweat and shine on the actor’s faces was my priority.

Overall the day was a huge success, everything was kept to schedule and as always it was great the see the team again!

Look out for a small celebrity and some fury friends in my next blog post! x

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